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The Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) is the systolic pressure at the ankle, divided by the systolic pressure at the arm. It has been shown to be a specific and sensitive metric for the diagnosis of Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD).

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Define Adjustable Rate Mortgage Best 7 1 arm rates 7/1 ARM example. A borrower pays an interest rate of 4 percent during the first seven years of a 7/1 ARM. After seven years, if the index is 6 percent and the margin is 3 percent, the interest.An adjustable-rate mortgage, or ARM, is a mortgage with an interest rate that can be increased or decreased from time to time, depending on various factors. An ARM is helpful for someone taking out a mortgage during a period of low interest rates, especially if the ARM has a relatively longer fixed-rate period.

Ape Index 2 = Arm Span – Height Still being 180cm tall and with an arm span of 175cm this alternative ape index would be 5 (cm) . In sports like rock climbing, swimming or boxing some people believe that a positive Ape Index, (a value greater than 1), where the arm span is greater than the height, is a competitive advantage.

An adjustable rate mortgage's interest rate increases and decreases based on publicly published indexes. arms are based on different indexes including:.

Although a borrower certainly cannot choose which index a lender should use for a particular adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM), the borrower can research various ARMs offered by several lenders to determine which programs contain the best combination of indexes and program benefits. Therefore, in order to be properly informed, the borrower

Some banks and mortgage lenders will allow you to choose an index, while many rely. After that initial period ends, the ARM will adjust to its fully-indexed rate,

When an ARM has an initial rate that holds for a year or less, the best index is the one that has the lowest value now. This rule does not apply to ARMs with initial rate periods of two years or longer. Avoid indexes that tend to be higher than other indexes most of the time.

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ARM indexes tell you what can happen to your mortgage when its introductory period expires and the rate begins resetting. When shopping for a home loan, you want to pick the best combination of.

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