Hillary and Bill Clinton: Inside $1.4 Billion Political. – Use this interactive graphic to see the many ways their supporters’ money has been collected over the years.

Devastating Wildfires Could Force PG&E to Plan Sale of Gas Assets – acing staggering liability costs for its potential culpability in a series of deadly wildfires, the parent company of. need to be thinking very hard about how to create safety for Californians.

The $2.3 Trillion State and Local Government Debt Monster. – A Ponzi scheme is specifically one where the con men (who constitute the first tier) convince their victims to give them money on the promise of their being able to similarly con yet another, larger group below them (leading to the other name of “pyramid scheme”).

Nuclear War Fallout Shelter Survival Info for California. – Nuclear Survival in California. This is the nuclear target map for California, but remember, fallout can go anywhere or everywhere (and probably will).

What happens when your small business partner is also your spouse? Lots of compromise. – the Douglases have found that being co-owners of a public relations firm requires them to be more direct with each other than they once were as spouses. Like the time Debbie Douglas was on a ladder in.

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Inequality makes it harder than ever for cities to say no to Amazon – But as easy as it is to point out how wasteful this is – literally anything would be a better use of this money but especially if it went toward needed investments in schools and infrastructure – it’s.

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